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Bubble Fun - Home School Program

Watch your preschoolers become bubbling scientists!

They will use their state-of-the-art bubble making devices to investigate all the different tools used to make bubbles, the shape of bubbles, and how to make bubble art.

Bubbles big and small, they`ll make them all!

Call the Electrician - Home School Program

Bring your aspiring electricians to learn how to wire a house!

They'll rig up a doorbell, master a three-way switch, and set a burglar alarm as they investigate the nature of electricity and circuits

Colours, Colours - Home School Program

What is your favourite primary colour? Do you know the colours of the spectrum?

Students will get to experiment with mixing and separating colours, using both lights and paints that will dazzle their eyes. Explore this amazing world in-depth during this very colourful program.

Come Fly With Me - Home School Program

This program has been taken to new heights!

Students will experiment with how and why things fly. Join them as they get involved in hands-on activities which explore lift, drag, and aerodynamics. Each student will build an airplane to take back to school.

Creepy Crawlies - Home School Program

Come and visit our creepy, crawly creatures!

Your students will observe the parts and characteristics of insects and other critters. Come play with bugs, make an insect craft,and interacting with our living creepy crawlies!

Global Soundscapes: Mission to Record the Earth

Welcome to the Journey of Global Soundscapes: The Mission to Record the Earth!

In this live, interactive IMAX presentation, you will learn all about soundscape ecology, tools that scientists use to record and analyze sounds and why recording the sounds of the Earth is important to understand the health and biodiversity of our world.

Grade 6 Science Review - Home School Program

Prepare your students for the Grade 6 Provincial Science Achievement Test by booking our Grade 6 Science Review Program!

High Flying Physics - Home School Program

Let There Be Light - Home School Program

Smoke and mirrors will enlighten the students  minds and spark their imagination as they study the fascinating phenomenon of light.  Hands-on activities will involve mirrors, lenses, and fibre optics.  Join them as they learn about refraction, reflection, and meet the laser light maze challenge.

Magnet Magic - Home School Program

Can you make an object float on air?

Come and investigate magnets, the different kinds, their properties, and their uses! Your students will use their knowledge to create their very own Tower of Power paper clip levitator.

Make A Sound - Home School Program

How does sound travel? Is there sound in outer space?

In this musical program, we will explore vibration, pitch, and volume of sound through hands-on experiments and demonstrations.

Make n' Take - Home School Program

Learn to Solder Electronics!

Students will get a lesson in soldering components working on their very own electronic circuit board project. There are a variety of electronic projects to choose that range from making a USB charger, to an LED Volume Meter or a digital clock and more! Some projects may take more time than others, but the workshop will be available to enrolled students until the end of the day.

Meet the Creature - Home School Program

Let us introduce your students to some other members of our TWOSE family - our live animals!

In this program, your students will get up close and personal with our four-legged and slithering friends while they learn about migration, hibernation and animal adaptations. Students will then observe the animals individually and record their findings in their very own observation booklet.

Young Researchers: A Resource-Based Study of Alberta Animals

Discover how the tools of informational books can help you learn about your favourite topic, presented by Edmonton Public Library. Please bring your library card (EPL or other) and PIN number.


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