PD Day Camps

Action Heroes! (Ages 7-9)

Your children will discover what it takes to be an action hero in this fast paced camp!

Campers will get to enhance their super human abilities as they train for Action Hero Challenges, meet some animals with amazing adaptations, and test their engineering skills as they build a rocket to be launched during the week.  Campers will do all of this while earning Action Badges.

Kinetic Kamp - (Age 7-10)

Get charged up for this exciting camp, which focuses on all the amazing forms of energy that surround us! Campers will channel electric and light energy into colorful displays, utilize thermal energy to create flying devices, and balance potential and kinetic energy in the construction of thrilling rides.

Robotics Rewired (Ages 7-9)

Campers will learn the basics of programming LEGO EV3 robots, and explore the varied world of robots and technology.

Don't be surprised to hear your camper say the phrase, "I'll be back!"

Science Investigators (Age 7-9)

Question everything! That s the motto of this inquisitive camp. Campers will investigate whether there is any truth behind common urban legends, like: just how strong is an egg? Did pirates wear eyepatches for fashion or to help their eyesight? Can you poke holes in a balloon without popping it?

We'll put these myths, and more, to the test during this action-packed day.  

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