Cyclist's Movie Night

Cyclist's Combo Movie Night

This combination ticket includes one ticket to each of the shows in our Cyclist's Movie Night:

  • MAMIL @ 6:30pm
  • All For One @ 8:30pm



MAMIL is an acronym for Middle-Aged Men in Lycra. We follow several middle-aged men in Australia who take up bicycling. We see what they go through as they pursue their newfound love, including running into angry drivers, having accidents that land them in the hospital, and having to deal with neglected wives.


All For One

United by their renegade spirit and a determination to win against substantial odds, these riders take on the international circuit. The film offers unique insights into the first five years of their journey, bearing witness to the ethos of the team as embodied by all - from the strongest to most embattled members. Out of a culture that embraces a deeply human approach to sport, unlikely champions are born, and seemingly improbable team and personal goals are achieved.


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