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Weather Wonders - Home School Program (G5)

Discover what causes lightning, thunder, and tornadoes!

We are all affected by weather, but do we really understand the principles behind it? This weather program will investigate high and low pressure systems, how clouds form, and much more!

Beyond the Atmosphere - Home School Program (6)

What lies beyond our tiny globe?

Students will unveil the mysteries of the night sky. Engage your class in learning about stars, from their composition to stellar objects that have landed on Earth.

Students will travel to moons, other planets, and beyond as they discover some of the superstars in space.

Come Fly With Me - Home School Program (G6)

This program has been taken to new heights!

Students will experiment with how and why things fly. Join them as they get involved in hands-on activities which explore lift, drag, and aerodynamics. Each student will build an airplane to take back to school.

Grade 6 Science Review - Home School Program

Prepare your students for the Grade 6 Provincial Science Achievement Test by booking our Grade 6 Science Review Program!

Mission S.P.A.C.E. - Home School Program (G9)

Start in our Command Centre and work your way through gravitational fields, planetary bodies, and space tech in this hands-on, student-driven gallery experience.

Power Up! - Home School Program (G9)

Circuit boards and glowing pickles will keep your students absorbed in this charged program!

They will investigate circuitry, the rules of electrical flow, and the creation of alternate energy. Multimeters and other electrical devices are used by the students as they learn what sparks electricity!

Make + Take - Homeschool Edition: Learn to Solder

Learn to Solder Electronics!

Students will get a lesson in soldering components working on their very own electronic circuit board project. There are a variety of electronic projects to choose that range from making a USB charger, to an LED Volume Meter or a digital clock and more! Some projects may take more time than others, but the workshop will be available to enrolled students until the end of the day.

Make + Take - Homeschool Edition: Power Tools!

Learn skills that will last a lifetime! With guidance from the Science Garage team, students will use a variety of materials and tools to build a their own candy dispenser. We will go over safety, tool techniques and how to choose the right tool for the job.


MakerLab - Home School Program

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