IMAX® Theatre

Space Station 3D

Join the international crew of the International Space Station (ISS) as they blast off to carry space station components up into orbit.  Watch the Canadarm being used in a variety of tasks.

Includes appearances by Canadian Space Agency Astronaut Chris Hadfield as Canada plays a control role in the ISS.

Superpower Dogs IMAX 3D

Join an immersive IMAX® adventure to experience the life-saving superpowers and extraordinary bravery of some of the world s most remarkable dogs.


To The Arctic 3D

To The Arctic takes you on a never before seen journey into the lives of a mother polar bear and her two seven-month old cubs as they navigate the changing Arctic wilderness they call home.  Captivating, adventurous, and intimate footage brings you up close and personal with this family s struggle to survive and thrive in a frigid environment of melting ice, immense glaciers, spectacular waterfalls, and majestic snow-bound peaks. 


Volcanoes 2D

Running Time: 50 minutes

Volcanoes is the story of earth's creation!

It explores the contribution of volcanoes to the great wildlife ecosystems we have today and their impact on humans and the world we live in.

4.5 billion years ago the first volcanoes on Earth came into existence. Massive volcanic eruptions gave rise to the first islands and continents on our planet during this intense phase. Life began to take hold and thrive within these volcanic landscapes, creating the first ecosystems on Earth.


Amazon Adventure 3D

Amazon Adventure tells the epic true story of explorer Henry Bates fascinating journey through the visually stunning and biodiverse Amazon rainforest. You will experience the compelling clues Bates unearthed and you will be wowed by the mind-boggling examples of camouflage and mimicry.

Explore the wilds of nature in the Amazon Adventure!


Wild Africa 3D

Embark on an incredible 3D ride across, over, and through the magical realms of the most dramatic continent on earth: Africa. 

Dream Big 3D

From the world's tallest buildings to underwater robots and a solar car race across Australia, Dream Big celebrates the human ingenuity behind engineering marvels big and small and shows how engineers push the limits of innovation in unexpected and amazing ways.

With its inspiring stories of human grit and aspiration, and extraordinary visuals for the world's largest screens, Dream Big reveals the compassion and creativity that drive engineers to create better lives for people and a more sustainable future for us all.

Extreme Weather 3D

Extreme Weather is an up-close look at some of the most astonishing and potentially deadly natural phenomena, tornadoes, glaciers, and wildfires while showing how they are interconnected and changing our world in dramatic ways.

Mysteries of China 3D

Mysteries of China captures one of the great archaeological events in modern times, telling the story of ancient China, the First Emperor, and the literal foundation of the China we know today.

Rocky Mountain Express

Running Time: 50 minutes

Retracing the original route aboard the majestic steam engine 2816, the audience is transported back to the age of steam to relive this alpine nation-building odyssey. Rocky Mountain Express weaves together spectacular IMAX aerial cinematography, breathtaking vistas of the west, archival images and maps. The rhythms of a live steam locomotive will immerse audiences in an era of remarkable ingenuity and struggle in a region of stunning natural beauty. Ride the rails along deep river canyons and over high mountain passes. Discover some of the most beautiful and rugged landscapes on earth and the heroic human drama and epic engineering that shaped a continent.

D-Day: Normandy 1944 3D

June 6, 1944: The largest Allied operation of World War II began in Normandy, France. Yet, few know in detail exactly why and how, from the end of 1943 through August 1944, this region became the most important location in the world.

Blending multiple cinematographic techniques, including animation, CGI and stunning live action images, D-Day 3D: Normandy 1944 brings this monumental event to the world's largest screens for the first time ever. Audiences of all ages, including new generations, will discover from a new perspective, in breathtaking IMAX® 3D, how this landing changed the world. Exploring history, military strategy, science, technology and human values, the film will educate and appeal to all. Narrated by Tom Brokaw, D-Day 3D: Normandy 1944 pays tribute to those who gave their lives for our freedom. A duty of memory, a duty of gratitude.

Living in the Age of Airplanes 2D

The airplane has changed our world, but do we really understand exactly how much?

Living in the Age of Airplanes reminds us how profoundly this amazing invention has changed the way we do just about everything.  It also renews our appreciation for the airplane and stunningly conveys the wonder and grandeur of flying.

Narrated by Harrison Ford.

Bugs! 2D

Take a journey to the rainforest where you have a bug's eye view of a caterpillar and a praying mantis, along with many other creepy crawlies.  Your students will be amazed by this giant bug experience, looking at the different insect species and how they interact.



Running Time: 50 Minutes:

Through the power of IMAX®, Hubble, narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio, takes moviegoers on an unprecedented voyage through distant galaxies to explore the grandeur and mystery of our celestial surroundings. Experience never-before-seen flights through the farthest reaches of the universe, and accompany spacewalking astronauts on some of the most difficult and important endeavors in NASA history.

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