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Fabulous Five Senses - Home School Program (Pre-K)

How do we learn about the world around us? By using our senses!

In this program, students will explore and examine their senses through activities and experiments at stations, then come together for a tasty treat!

Note: treat includes popcorn.

Powerful Patterns - Home School Program (Pre-K)

Be amazed by the power of patterns!

Students will work through a series of stations to explore patterns in objects all around us. They will explore patterning in math and create their own patterns using a variety of instruments and materials.

Seasonal Trek - Home School Program (Kindergarten)

From the icy cold of winter to the sweltering heat of summer. Students will explore our four seasons by performing hands-on experiments related to each season's unique characteristics.

Up Close With Nature - Home School Program (Kindergarten)

Get close and personal with plants and animals. Explore the differences between various types of animals and use microscopes to get an even closer look at the textures found in nature.

Colours, Colours - Home School Program (G1)

What is your favourite primary colour? Do you know the colours of the spectrum?

Students will get to experiment with mixing and separating colours, using both lights and paints that will dazzle their eyes. Explore this amazing world in-depth during this very colourful program.

Construction Tales - Home School Program (G1)

Students will help a storybook character construct their way out of different challenges. Using a variety of materials to come up with creative solutions, students will test their designs to see if they are up to the task.


Lockbox Logic 1.0 - Home School Program (G1)

When do we use instructions? How important is the order of steps in a series of instructions? Can you use your skills in algorithms and debugging to help rescue a stuffie from a locked box?

Chilling Out - Home School Program (G2)

How do polar bears stay warm and toasty?

Students will explore the ins and outs of insulation, experiment with hot and cold chemical reactions, measure temperature, and make a very cool treat using liquid nitrogen in this chilling program.

Allergy Note: Dairy products, sugar, and products contacting gluten are used during this program. Dairy alternative available upon request.

Feel the Force - Home School Program (G2)

Feel the pull...or the push! In this hands-on program, students will use various materials to investigate different types of magnets, their strengths and discover the forces of attraction and repulsion.

Splish Splash - Home School Program (G2)

Get your students' feet wet in our program all about liquids.

Explore our liquid activities where students test waterproofing, absorbing, and viscosity. Race different types of liquids and see the water cycle in action!

Your students will leave this program as liquid experts!

Up Close With Nature - Home School Program (G2)

Get close and personal with plants and animals. Explore the differences between various types of animals and use microscopes to get an even closer look at the textures found in nature.

Make A Sound - Home School Program (G3)

How does sound travel? Is there sound in outer space?

In this musical program, we will explore vibration, pitch, and volume of sound through hands-on experiments and demonstrations.

Minerals Rock - Home School Program (G3)

From sand to gold, rocks and minerals are all around us. Come and explore how rocks are made, while investigating our rock samples.

Students will be challenged with mineral characteristics in this hands-on program that rocks!

Thrill Rides - Home School Program (Grade 3)

Creativity is in full force as your students design and build their own model roller coaster!

Join them in exploring the science of energy and motion as they construct a stable structure with a variety of materials!


Let There Be Light - Home School Program (G4)

Smoke and mirrors will enlighten the students  minds and spark their imagination as they study the fascinating phenomenon of light.  Hands-on activities will involve mirrors, lenses, and fibre optics.  Join them as they learn about refraction, reflection, and meet the laser light maze challenge.

Call the Electrician - Home School Program (G5)

Bring your aspiring electricians to learn how to wire a house!

They'll rig up a doorbell, master a three-way switch, and set a burglar alarm as they investigate the nature of electricity and circuits

Cauldron Brew - Home School Program (G5)

Join us in our Science Lab for hands-on chemistry.

Your students will investigate particle reactions as they work through four different chemistry experiments. Learn how to make a glow stick brighter and how to create the bounciest polymer. Experience all this and more as we experiment with chemistry and particles.

Laboratory Safety: For the safety of all participants in our science laboratory, all students must wear long pants and closed shoes while participating in TELUS World of Science Lab Programs. Please, no skirts, shorts or sandals.

Chem Squad! - Home School Program (G5)

There has been a hazardous chemical spill at TELUS World of Science!

Your class will be members of an emergency response team brought in to test the mystery chemicals. Students must determine the physical and chemical properties to identify the mystery spill before it is too late!

Robotics Lab - Home School Program (G5)

Your students will experience machines on a whole different level with our new EV3 robots. Our LEGO® MINDSTORMS CENTER will have students working through a series of challenges as they learn how to program their robot.

Students will use sound sensors, light sensors, and many more to finish tasks and beat our obstacle courses.

Come experience the next generation of LEGO® robots!

Weather Watch - Home School Combo

TELUS World of Science - Edmonton offers you and your students an exclusive opportunity to learn about weather from CTV's Chief Meteorologist, Josh Classen.

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