PD Day Camps

Use the Force (Age 6-9)

Learn the science behind the powerful forces that affect us every day. Campers will harness the power of magnetism by creating electromagnets, and use angles and gravity to master the skills of catapults and slingshots. Next, campers will put these powerful forces to the test, as we will learn how to program robots and prepare them for contests of strength.

Gamecasting (Age 9-12)

Is your child passionate about video games and video production? Learn the basics of capturing video, creating storylines, and engineering audio and video to create the same kind of fun, engaging content that you love. By the end of this camp, you'll understand the fundamentals that go into creating high quality video content, as well as understanding good digital citizenship.

Please note: TELUS World of Science does not upload camper-created videos for public viewing. Use of the video is at the discretion of the camper and parent/guardian.


Kinetic Kids - (Age 6-9)

Get charged up for this exciting camp, which focuses on all the amazing forms of energy that surround us! Campers will channel electric and light energy into colorful displays, utilize thermal energy to create flying devices, and balance potential and kinetic energy in the construction of thrilling rides.

Robots Rewired (Ages 6-9)

Campers will learn the basics of programming LEGO EV3 robots, and explore the varied world of robots and technology.

Don't be surprised to hear your camper say the phrase, "I'll be back!"

Jr. Scientists (Age 6-9)

Campers will experience thrills, chills and spills in this introduction to Chemistry, Biology, Engineering and Math! Campers will get their hands on science as they investigate the world of coding, build and launch a real rocket, and challenge themselves to create a model roller coaster. Get ready Jr. Scientists - it's time to report for duty!

- A different science theme every day

- Using real science tools in various experiments and investigations


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