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Arctic Journeys (Ages 5-7)

Explore our new Arctic Gallery. Discover this important region of our Canadian landscape and engage in compelling science discussions about the Arctic and polar regions.

Call The Electrician (Ages 9-11)

Learners will build different types of circuits on our electrical boards and test to see which configuration is the best for different situations.

Chem Squad (Ages 9-11)

Learners will become members of a Dangerous Goods Emergency Response Team investigating a chemical spill accident. They will test several “hazardous” substances to determine their physical and chemical properties.

Chilling Out (Ages 6-8)

Learners will explore insulation, experiment with hot and cold chemical reactions, measure temperature, and make a very cool treat using liquid nitrogen in this chilling program.

Health LAB (Ages 10-15)

In this explorative and hands on program, learners will have the opportunity to perform blood typing and explore the Health Zone in new and exciting ways.

Light & Optics (Ages 8-10)

Explore reflection, refraction and shadows! This program will feature colourful demos, learners will participate in hands-on exploration with lenses, mirrors, and more.

Make A Sound (Ages 7-9)

How does sound travel? How does the ear detect vibration? In this instrumental program, learners will explore how sounds can be created and changed through hands-on experiments and demonstrations.

MakerLab (Ages 8-10)

Learners will design, build, and test projects using different building materials. Trying to solve these creative problems will challenge your learners to think outside the box.

Mission SPACE (Ages 10-12)

This program is an instructor lead but learner-driven gallery experience that will provide your learners the opportunity to review the topic of Sky Science by interacting with the SPACE gallery.


Robotics (Ages 6-8)

Inside our Robotics Lab, learners will work through a series of challenges, as they learn how to program with our brand new Finch 2.0 robots.


Sensational Senses (Ages 5-7)

Our five senses give us the ability to interpret and interact with the world around us. Stimulate your learners senses with a variety of sensory experiments.


Thrill Rides (Ages 7-9)

Creativity is in full force as your learners design and build their own model roller coaster!


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